17. Little Grandma Elf


If you hear  strange mumbling in the forest of the Elves Village or think you see a glimpse of a gnome, it could be that you have met the Little Grandma Elf. This elf size of a little gnome lives in forests and has spent her cradle years in Seitakivi listening to the wise stories of the goblins and gnomes. The old elf has a very bad sight and hearing which is why many think her antisocial. In reality she just might have not noticed the presence of others...


Juhani Mattsson

I'm a 26-year-old digital art student based in Tornio, Finland. Technique-wise I‘m interested particularly in motion picture and 3D-graphics. At the moment, the themes that interest me are i.a. humanity, climate change, digitalisation and the questions of art and society.

Elves' Year - a group exhibition of 28 unique hand-painted 3D-printed figurines in cooperation with Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Hullu Poro Oy.