Seasons in the Elves' Village


As the seemingly interminable darkness of winter yields and the snowdrifts begin to melt, the elves find themselves with a new kind of energy. The Fisherman Elf Äiji is excited to cast his nets in the wild-flowing river of Ounasjoki. On the riverbank the widely traveled Sailor-Smith Elf is planning his upcoming adventures with Akira. The elf children are running around, playing in the puddles. The children cautiously slow down crossing the river, being aware of the malicious Näkki lurking under the bridge. And Näkki wasn’t the only malicious spirit in the village. Sometimes you could see the dark figure of Avariti conspiring to acquire the might of the mystical wand of the sage elf Ämmi, to which she refers to as her Third Eye. Meanwhile deep beneath the Elves’ Village, the Goblins are clearing their underground homes from the remains of winter.


Summer in the Elves’ Village is full of light, life and cloudberry blossoms. Mukkalan Kalle has set down on the riverbank hoping to catch a glimpse of the beautiful spirit of Ounasneito. In the village the prank loving rabbit, Räyhä Repe is impatiently planning on some new shenanigans. A big celebration is around the corner as the villagers gather together to throw a birthday party for the Elf in a Yellow Dress. The Tidier Elf Siivokki is squirreling around the house trying to keep it tidy. Even the chickens are pecking hastily around the yard and a mighty rooster is trying his best to keep the order.


The summer has passed and the fall colors have taken over the Elves’ Village. As the nights get darker, the blazing northern lights illuminate the skies. Wandering in the deep of the forest, the Forest Elf Veli and Little Grandma Elf are also admiring the beautiful dance of the aurora. The Trolls of Liisko are also pleased to see the aurora, because they know it brings good luck in woodwork. The highlight of the season is the potato festival in September, when the potatoes are being dug up and used to prepare the favourite dishes of the elves. Thanks to the secret cultivating rituals, the elves also have magic potatoes.


The winter in Elves’ Village begins when Sailor-Smith Elf returns from his adventure in November. The christmas is a busy season, because people from all over the world gather to experience the magic of the Elves’ Village. To balance out the active life, the elves relax in the sauna, heated up by the Sauna Elf Vasta, swim in the snow and play with the huskies and the reindeer. The elves enjoy the snow, because it can be used to build anything, like snowmen, snow castles and lanterns. The Knitter Elf Nuttu loves to knit woolen clothes for the elves, so they won’t catch a cold. Luckily there are sheep like Piki and Päkä, whose wool is perfect material to make warm clothing. The winter is a special season for Aikki, the headmaster of the Elf’s School, because that’s when the elves start their school year. 

Elves' Year - a group exhibition of 28 unique hand-painted 3D-printed figurines in cooperation with Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Hullu Poro Oy.