5. Ämmi


Ämmi is the wisest, most educated and gentlest elf who has the power of the Third Eye. The Third Eye of Ämmi is a mystical wand, decorated with crystals. With the help of it Ämmi can see things that are not possible to see or hear without. Ämmi wears orange colored clothes and has long ears, which are considered a sign of respect and wisdom in Elves Village. At three o'clock she always enjoys some Chaga tea, and after tea time other habitants of the Elves Village can visit Ämmi and seak answers to any question. Ämmi’s cradle came from Saaristomeri national park to Lapland tangled on wing of a swan.

Pirita Laru

I’m Pirita Laru, working under the artist name Pirita Lapland. I originate from Lapland. The changes of seasons, the disfigurement of nature and beautiful, diagonal light in the arctic hemishpere fascinate me. I'm beguiled by traditional art and photography, my artworks are saturated and big, intuitively built collages.


Elves' Year - a group exhibition of 28 unique hand-painted 3D-printed figurines in cooperation with Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Hullu Poro Oy.