28. Nuttu, the Knitter Elf


Nuttu, the Knitter Elf clothes the residents of Elves Village. Nuttu himself always has ragged clothes, which is why he is cold even in summer and gets sick very easily. Thankfully other elves are always bringing him hot drinks and keeping him somewhat warm. Along with making clothes Nuttu takes care of the two sheep of the Elves Village, Piki and Päkä.

Roosa Karjalainen

I’m Roosa Karjalainen, born in 1998 in Sodankylä, the city where I grew into an eager artist. I’m really interested in illustrating, creating my own characters and story telling. In the future I want to concentrate in digital art.


Elves' Year - a group exhibition of 28 unique hand-painted 3D-printed figurines in cooperation with Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Hullu Poro Oy.