27. Piki and Päkä


Sheep Piki and Päkä are best friends. They are cute and full of life. Sometimes Piki is cranky and the elves fear her. The only way Piki can be calmed down is by Nuttu the Knitter Elf. They would always keep playing with the elves and the children if they could, but you can’t always have fun. In the summer the sheep take care of the shore and the grass on their yard. For the winter the sheep’s wool gets knitted in to warm clothes for the elves.

Anastasiia Kochegarova

Hey! My name is Anastasiia and I am a 22-year-old art student in Lapland UAS. I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and I moved to Finland a year ago. Actually, I can't name my favorite part of art. At the moment I am most interested in traditional painting, digital art and 3D art.

Elves' Year - a group exhibition of 28 unique hand-painted 3D-printed figurines in cooperation with Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Hullu Poro Oy.