21. Oliver


There are two Icelandic horses in the Elves Village, the darker Wilsu and the lighter Oliver. Both are over 30-year-old, beloved, retired senior horses. Both also love having pictures of themselves taken. They came from Iceland to Finland at the end of the 1990s.

Jaana Saarenpää

I’m Jaana Saarenpää, an artist born in 1995 in Kannus, Central Ostrobothnia. I’m interested in most art forms, from traditional art to sculpting, but drawing and painting rise above everything else. My style is cartoony, but I also have a more painting-like grasp. I get inspired from music, colors, nature and through my work I want to share stories and evoke feelings.

Elves' Year - a group exhibition of 28 unique hand-painted 3D-printed figurines in cooperation with Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Hullu Poro Oy.